Mega Man X Cheats - PC

Mega Man X
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Action
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date:Dec 17, 1993
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Animated Violence)
  • Platforms:
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Mega Man X Cheats

  • Cheat mode

    While playing the game submit the code to receive all X armor, all abilities at maximum, all four Energy Tanks filled, full health capacity, and all Bosses finished except for the last three inside the Main Fortress.

    Code: xstuff

  • Weakness for Boomer Kuwranger


  • Weakness for Spark Mandrill


  • Recommended order for Armored Armadillo

    (Use E. Spark and Megabuster)

  • Recommended order for Boomer Kuwranger

    (Use Homing T. with lots of energy tanks)

  • Armored Armadillo stage

    When you reach the first cliff with the miner machine, set the machine off, climb the wall, and run to where the machine started.

  • Recommended order for Storm Eagle

    (use Megabuster)

  • Storm Eagle stage

    Before the hover platforms in this stage, you will see the opponent on the rising platform, kill it. Ride the platform to the building in the air, and shoot through the glass.

  • Weakness for Flame Mammoth


  • Spark Mandrill stage

    You will need to get the Boomerang Cutters first. Go to where you can climb a ladder up or down. Go down and destroy the defense units. Do not go up the next ladder. Instead, equip your Boomerangs and jump straight into the air and fire one. It will catch the E- tank and return it to you.

  • You can also use the order below 1

    Storm Eagle Flame Mammoth Chill Penguin Spark Mandrill Armored Armadillo Launch Octopus Boomer Kuwranger Sting Chameleon

  • Recommended order for Chill Penguin

    (use Megabuster)

  • Recommended order for Flame Mammoth

    (Use Storm T.)

  • Weakness for Sting Chameleon


  • Recommended order for Launch Octopus

    (Use R. Shield and Megabuster)

  • Weakness for Storm Eagle


  • You can also use the order below 2

    Chill Penguin Storm Eagle Flame Mammoth Launch Octopus Spark Mandrill Armored Armadillo Boomer Kuwanger Sting Chameleon

  • Flame Mammoth stage

    When you reach the little opponents that throw the picks at you, go up the platforms until you reach the extra life. Dash left and jump to find an E-tank.

  • Recommended order for Spark Mandrill

    (Use S. Ice)

  • Recommended order for Sting Chameleon

    (Use B. Cutter)

  • Weakness for Chill Penguin


  • Weakness for Launch Octopus


  • Weakness for Sigma's Head

    Shield (does two hits and does not need to be charged)

  • Weakness for Armored Armadillo