LHX Attack Chopper Cheats - PC

LHX Attack Chopper
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LHX Attack Chopper Cheats

  • Change shape

    Press the following keys, then use an exterior view to look at the helicopter. Alternately, press [Ctrl] + O.

    Code: [Ctrl] + U

  • Full ammunition and fuel

    Push the following code.

    Code: [Ctrl] + R

  • Invincibility

    Start a game in practice mode. Take off and fly towards the nearest hanger and intentionally crash into it. Press the following keys before the helicopter hits the floor. Once back at the main menu. Start any desired mission. Switch to the external view, and then return to the internal view. Take off and complete mission with no enemies noticing...

    Code: [Ctrl] + Q

  • Hidden teleport

    Fly an Osprey through the mountains near the south-west corner of the Vietnam scenario. Fly through the black rectangle floating in the sky at this location to teleport to the middle of friendly territory at an altitude of 1,500 feet.