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Game Description:Edge of Twilight is a 3rd person action-adventure game presenting a unique post-apocalyptic, steampunk fantasy world that has been split into separate realms of Day and Night. During his journey, your hero will become part of an increasingly complex storyline that will blur the line between good and evil. Take on the role of Lex, an outcast bounty hunter who finds himself caught amidst the clash of two polar opposite civilizations, the industrial Atherns and the spiritual Lithern, the result of impetuous greed for a solitary source of energy. Lex is the only living half-breed in the world, rejected by society and burdened with the unique ability to venture through the two parallel realms. Ironically, that society will soon learn that his half-breed heritage is the last chance their world has to escape complete darkness.
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  • Developer FuzzyEyes Issues Layoffs, Stops All In-House Development

    Australian developer FuzzyEyes announced today that it has issued a number of layoffs to its team, reducing the staff to “a minimum” while the developer undergoes a “transition period.” All in-house development will cease until at least next year, when, as CEO Wei-Yao Lu explained in a statement, the developer plans to...

    Posted December 3, 2009

    Developer FuzzyEyes Issues Layoffs, Stops All In-House Development
  • Edge of Twilight 'Something Special' Trailer

    Posted: June 10, 2009

    1,049 Views | 02:34

  • Edge of Twilight "The Fall" Teaser

    Posted: May 29, 2009

    280 Views | 02:19

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