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Tabula Rasa (Limited Collector's Edition)
Game Description:Tabula Rasa takes place in the future, when an evil race called Bane is trying to destroy planets and eliminates the human race. Players are the survivors from this devastation and will face off against powerful alien soldiers, armored mechanoids, and vicious predators. Players will use a wide range of exotic weapons and unique alien powers to help the Allied Free Sentients (AFS) in their desperate fight against extinction. This special retail box offers customers exclusive in-game items, including a special character emote, exclusive dye recipes players can use to create unique armor colors, and a unique pet. Players who purchase the Limited Collector’s Edition box also receive a briefing from Richard Garriott’s alter-ego in the game, General British, classified maps, an Allied Free Sentients (AFS) field guide, Tabula Rasa dog tags, an AFS challenge coin and a special edition poster.
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