The Even More Incredible Machine Cheats - PC

The Even More Incredible Machine
Game Description: Solve up to 160 fully-animated puzzles ... or build your own! It's time to strap on your inventor's helmet, crank up your machine and hang on! Knock bowling balls onto conveyor belts with spring-loaded boxing gloves. Rummage through more than 50 nifty doodads and wacky devices in the parts bin. You get to do about a gazillion strange and cool things as you solve the 160 puzzles.
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The Even More Incredible Machine Cheats

  • Holiday bonus item

    Change the system date on your computer to Halloween, Christmas, or St. Patrick's Day to find an extra item at the end of the list in free form mode.

  • Level skip

    Pick the "Start the machine" option and press V while the machine is running.

  • Level select

    Submit the password RHOMBUS. If using a data disk, submit the password PASSWORD.