Space Strike - PC

Space Strike
Game Description:From the creators of the electrifying AirStrike game series comes Space Strike, an electrifying, action-heavy game that challenges players to destroy the onslaught of aliens before they wreak havoc on humankind. The game takes players to the year of 2307. Its 50 years since the humans learned to change the environment of planets and 15 years since they have started to colonize the Moon. A few hours ago the radars detected a hostile presence within an unexplored area. This is where you step in. Assuming the role of a spaceship pilot, you must unleash the fury of an awesome high-tech arsenal that includes impulse guns, quantum laser guns, heat-seeking missiles, and much more in order to survive and destroy alien invaders. Blast away at the alien spacecrafts, tanks, ground artillery and avoid their fire by maneuvering and flying out of risky situations. As usual, you begin the game weak and ill-equipped, but over time amass high-tech weaponry and upgrades.
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