Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus - PC

Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus
Game Description:Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus features over 760 solitaire games and 80 hilarious animations. All new decks and backgrounds are included. Some of the card games featured in this massive pack include 3rd Avenue, Aborigine, Ace of Hearts, Aces Buried, Acme, Acquaintance, Adela, Agnes, Alaska, Alhambra, Ali Baba, All in a Row, Anno Domini, Antares, Arizona, Assembly, Auld Lang Syne, Avenue, Back and Forth, Baker's Dozen, Balcony, Bald Eagle, Bare Bisley, Baroness, Bastion, Batsford, Batsford Again, Beetle, Beleaguered Castle, Bisley, Black Hole, Black Widow, Blind Alleys, Blockade, Blondes and Brunettes, Boulevard, Box Fan, Breakwater, Brigade, Brisbane, Bristol, British Canister, Brown Recluse, Buffalo Bill, Bug, Bunching, Buried, Cadets, Cadran, Calculation, Canfield, Canister, Capricieuse, Carlton, Carpet, Cascading Down, Casket, Cassim, Castle's End, Chameleon, Chessboard, Cicely, Citadel, City Walls, Cleopatra, Clover Leaf, Club, Colorado, Cone, Cornelius, Corner Suite, Corona, Courtyard, Crescent, Cruel, Dance, Darkhorse, Dieppe, Diminishing Reserves, Dover, Downhill, Downward Turn, Eastcliff, Easthaven, Endangered Species, Eternal Triangle, Exiled Kings, Exit, Falling Star, Family Ties, Famous Fifty, Fan, Fascination, Fathers and Sons, Fields, Flipped Triangle, Floral, Florentine, Fly, Forest Glade, Forest Haven, Fort, Fortress of Mercy (1-3), Fortune's Favor, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Free Kick, Free Parking, Free the Kings, FreeCell, Friendly, Frog, Fruitful Garden, Gaps, Garden Fountain, Gargantua, Gate, Geoffrey, German Cross, Giant I&II, Giza, Gloucestershire, Gnat, Golf, Good Measure, Granada, Grounds For Divorce, Guarded Gate, Happy New Year, Harp, Hexagon, Hickok, Highways and Byways, Incompatibility, Intelligence, Interchange, Joy Ride, Kansas City, Kick Off, Kingdom, Klondike, Knotty Pines, Lanes, Las Vegas, Letter H, Light & Shade, Linked Pairs, Links, Little Billie, Lone Wheel, Long Island, Loose Fan, Lucky Piles, Lunar, Mad Martha, Midshipman, Millie, Minefield, Minerva, Monte Carlo, Munger, Mysterious Triangle, Napoleon's Tomb, Nationale, Nestor, New Fashioned, New York, Northcliff, Not So Simple, Octagon, Octuplets, One Way Alleys, Opus, Outback, Pantagruel, Panurge, Parliament, Parterre, Partial Blockade, Pas Seul, Patriarchs, Penelope's Web, Penguin, Penta, Perseverance, Picture Patience I&II, Pigtail, Pitchfork, Play-off, Portuguese Solitaire, Preference, Pulsar, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Quadrangle, Queenie, Queens, Raglan, Rainbow, Rank and File, Raw Prawn, Redheads, Reserves, Rittenhouse, Robert, Roosevelt, Rouge et Noir, Rushdike, Russian Point, Saratoga, Saxony, Scorpion I&II, Scotsman, Sea Towers, Senate, Senior Wrangler, Seven Devils, Seven Steps, Shady Lanes, Shamrocks, Shifted Cross, Shifting, Shipmates, Shooting Stars, Siberia, Signora, Simon Jester, Simon Says, Simple Simon, Simplicity, Sir Tommy, Sixteen Puzzle, Skipping Piles, Skipping Suits, Skippy, Snake, Solstice, Somerset, Southcliff, Spanish Patience, Sparklers, Speculation, Spice, Spider, Spike, Springfield, Squadron, Stalactites, Stepping Stone, Steps, Stonewall, Storehouse, Strategerie, Strawberry Blonde, Streets & Alleys, Stronghold, Sun, Surprise, Swedish Patience, Sweet Sixteen, Tadpoles, Take Away, Tarantula, Teddy, The Spark, Thieves in Cells, Thieves of Egypt, Thieves of Paris, Third Officer, Thirty Nine Steps, Three Blind Mice, Three Little Indians, Three Star Colonel, Threes Company, Thumb and Pouch, Til the End, Tom O'Shanter, Topeka, Tournament, Towers, Trefoil, Trevi Garden, Triangle, Trillium, TriPeaks, Turncoats, Tuxedo, Twist of Fortune, Twister, Two Way Street, Ukrainian Solitaire, Uniform Twister, Unlimited, Up or Down, Usk, Vertical, Vineyard, Visual Pairs, Waning Moon, Waterloo, Wave Motion, Waxing Moon, Westcliff, Westhaven, Wheatsheaf, Whitehead, Whitehorse, Wild Bill, Will o' the Wisp, Windmill, Wings, Winter Solstice, WonCell, Wood, Yukon, Zerline, Zeus ... and more!
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