Triple Word Play - PC

Triple Word Play
Game Description:A collection of word puzzle games, including a bonus game enjoyable by the whole family! Word Buzz Gold challenges players to form as many words as possible in search of Clue words. Every word earns points but the Clue words earn the biggest bonuses; Quick thinking and a strong vocabulary are essential to win. Word Buzz Gold has three game modes, unlimited levels and beautiful graphics for hours of enjoyment. Word Juice is an engaging and fun word-forming game. Players slide letter tiles around the grid to form longer words. Every word formed contains word juice, and players must "juice" those words to fill up the juice container before the power meter runs out. In Puzzle Word, players join blocks to make words of three or more letters. After players successfully form words, used blocks disappear and the blocks above them fall down. Advanced players can use tactical play to max their scores, while novices will also enjoy the game without worrying too much about strategy. This word game is sweet to play and maddeningly addictive, to boot. BONUS GAME: Fruity Gardenputs players in the role of Anna Maria, a young girl whose Granny, as a gift, gives her a fruit garden. Anna Maria must gather ripe fruit from her garden, while also defending it from crows, worms, and hedgehogs. Players are rewarded for every saved or gathered fruit and gain a money bonus at the end of each action, which allows Anna Maria to buy better gardens with more fruit.
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