Showdown: Scorpion - PC

Showdown: Scorpion
Game Description:A cyber-punk FPS set in the future of Earth. After several major economical and political crises the world as we know it ceased to exist. Only few major states survived, while the lesser authorities have collapsed, leaving behind anarchy and pollution. In early 2030s ruins of unknown origin were discovered in Sudan. Several artifacts possibly of alien nature were quickly revealed and soon major dig has started. But few months of work as well as bulk of dig team were lost to underground explosion followed by contamination of the region. To prevent disease from spreading series of nuclear strikes were made, completely annihilating the site. However, the mysterious Zenith Corporation was created by survivors of the Sudan Incident, and now have unidentified biological weapons. As codename Scorpion, you have been assigned to the mission to infiltrate Zenith and get a proof of its illegal activity.
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