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Game Description:Iron Man, one of Marvel's most indestructible Super Heroes, blast onto videogame platforms with this adaptation of the big screen movie. This third-person action game immerses players in the world of Tony Stark -- the brilliant industrialist and inventor who both created and became the world's toughest hero - Iron Man. By customizing the advanced technology in Iron Man's suits, gamers can take advantage of a wide array of high-impact weapons to strategically blow-up and destroy any enemy force and fight to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction. Drawing from both the movie and comic book storylines, Iron Man features the voice talent of the stars from the major motion picture -- Robert Downey Jr, Terrence Howard, and Shawn Toub. Large exterior environments and dark indoor areas can be fully explored and systematically ripped apart for an authentic and explosive cinematic experience.
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Iron Man News

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  • Marvel Promises: No More Crappy Games

    Marvel Executive Vice President of Global Digital Media Group Ira Rubenstein has a promise for worried gamers: No more crappy Marvel-based video games. "We are not doing movie-based games anymore," Rubenstein told Joystiq after Sony's GamesCom press conference. "Actually, wait ... we are not doing crappy movie-based games...

    Posted August 19, 2009

    Marvel Promises: No More Crappy Games
  • Sega Announces Iron Man 2 Video Game, Apologizes For The First Game

    Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version Updated: Debut Trailer It was only a matter of time before Sega revealed it was working on an Iron Man 2 video game, but it's not often a company takes time during its announcement press release to apologize for the quality (or complete lack thereof, in this case) of he previous video game. Yet,...

    Posted July 22, 2009

    Sega Announces Iron Man 2 Video Game, Apologizes For The First Game
  • 'Iron Man' Comic-Con Trailer

    Okay, if the movie tie-in game Iron Man comes out and is really bad, I'm going to look stupid, but still: Check out this blazin' trailer scheduled to be shown at Comic-Con this year. Watch Larger Version of this Video Hot, right? The game comes out cross-platform on May 2.

    Posted April 16, 2008| 13 Comments

    'Iron Man' Comic-Con Trailer
  • 'Iron Man' Screens

    Check out the screens for Iron Man. We're not usually jazzed by videogame/movie tie-ins, but we're making an exception for Iron Man. The cross-platform game comes out on May 2nd. Here's a gallery.

    Posted April 15, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Iron Man' Screens
  • 'Iron Man' Trailer

    Late breaking: Check out the Iron Man trailer. The game will come out this summer, to go along with the movie and is out on every platform you can think of. Except Colecovision. Watch Larger Version of this Video

    Posted March 14, 2008| 15 Comments

    'Iron Man' Trailer
  • Marvel VP of Games Production TQ Jefferson

    Posted: July 25, 2012

    18,524 Views | 06:36

  • Iron Man Review

    Posted: May 7, 2008

    11,282 Views | 02:38 | 7 Comments

  • Iron Man - Making of The Game: Wii

    Posted: May 7, 2008

    2,885 Views | 06:55

  • Preview: Iron Man

    Posted: April 30, 2008

    5,579 Views | 01:10 | 3 Comments

  • Iron Man - Developer Diary

    Posted: April 21, 2008

    2,301 Views | 03:20 | 1 Comment

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