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NHL 08
Game Description:EA aims to light the lamp again with the '08 edition of its annual hockey game. In this edition for PC, EA has expanded its Skill Stick moves to completely cover every move and trick you pull on the ice -- flick the stick for precision shots, for quick dekes, for spot-on or leading passes, and even for brutal body checks! The Dynasty Mode features several improvements and new additions, including a weekly goals feature that allows you to improve your team quicker, a contract negotiation feedback screen for salary discussions, and a Fantasy Draft feature that lets you pick your roster. Also, in addition to the NHL teams, NHL 08 adds the AHL minor league stable of teams and players, showcasing the rising talent in the hockey world.
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NHL 08 Cheats

  • Hot Shot

    When on a breakaway shoot from the left next to the goal and you'll have a 75 percent chance of scoring.