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Insecticide Episode 1
Game Description:Insecticide is a hard-boiled, fast-shooting detective game set in a festering future city where bugs have evolved as the planet’s dominant race. A murder at the powerful Nectarola soft drink company leads police from the Insecticide Squad on a bug hunt through the city’s seedy underbelly, and into a mystery of epic proportions. Join Detective Chrys Liszt and partner Roachy Caruthers on the case as they become entangled in a web of crime. It’s an action-adventure in the truest sense of the word, immersing players in cinematic combat levels, as well as a story-based detective investigation. Players can interrogate suspects, interview witnesses and play good cop/bad cop to get the info needed to solve the case and win the game.
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Insecticide Episode 1 Previews

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    Preview: Insecticide


    Blair Herter brings you an early look at the PC version of Insecticide.

    Posted: May 14, 2008 | 1,212 Views | 01:55 | 2 Comments

  • Preview: Insecticide

    Posted: May 14, 2008

    1,212 Views | 01:55 | 2 Comments

  • Insecticide: Developers Diary

    Posted: March 21, 2008

    472 Views | 02:43

  • Trailer: 'Insecticide'

    Posted: February 20, 2008

    181 Views | 01:33