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Game Description:In Syndicate's fictional future, corporations rule the world. Their type of business runs short of scrupulous however, resorting largely to strong arm tactics and combat over diplomatic negotiations. This brutal future set the scene for tactical gameplay using your own band of super soldiers specially built to wipe out the competition. Not only was the game smart for its time, but the gritty future and RPG-like gameplay allowed for constant enhancement of your assets into stronger, faster, and nastier soldiers with weapons strong enough to slaughter hundreds of enemies if need be. Challenging missions and an awesome universe make Syndicate a game to remember.
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  • Australian Ratings Board Rates EA's "Project Red"

    It’s looking more and more likely that Starbreeze Studios’ long rumored reboot of the sci-fi title Syndicate, codenamed “Project Red Lime,” is not only happening, but is well into development. See, Australia’s official ratings board, the OFLC, recently handed down a M15+ rating for an Electronic Arts game called...

    Posted May 3, 2010

    Australian Ratings Board Rates EA's "Project Red"
  • Syndicate Creator Says EA Doesn't Understand The Franchise

    The oft-rumored attempts to revive Syndicate at Electronic Arts are futile, Syndicate creator Sean Cooper has argued to Inc Gamers. Cooper saw several Syndicate prototypes while he was still working at EA, but none of them captured what made the original special, prompting him to wonder why EA is trying again. It's said that Starbreeze Studios,...

    Posted June 26, 2009

    Syndicate Creator Says EA Doesn't Understand The Franchise
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