MaestroLive - PC

Game Description:MaestroLive is a music game that lets anyone play songs by tapping the rhythm of the song on a computer keyboard, or connect up a MIDI keyboard for a realistic piano playing experience. MaestroLive gives you a score for your performance. When you finish playing a song you can save your score to the MaestroLive network and compare it with previous scores of that song or with other players' scores. Each song has its own set of scores. You don't have to know how to play music to play with MaestroLive. Any key you press will play the next event/note -- by tapping the "correct" rhythm, you will be playing the song. MaestroLive can also teach you how to play "for real" if you have a MIDI keyboard attached to your computer. MaestroLive will visually show you what notes need to be played next -- if you don't play the correct notes it won't move to the next event. By playing the notes you are playing the song for real. MaestroLive is also an online music community. The community members can see what songs other players are playing in real time. They can compare their best scores for each song with the other players. Community members can also attach comments to any song and they can even make song requests for songs that aren't already on the MaestroLive song list.
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