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Sam & Max Hit the Road
Game Description:Sam & Max Hit the Road, based on the sidesplitting comic series of Steve Purcell, remains one of the funniest pieces of media -- movie, album or game -- to ever hit store shelves. While the basic plot -- taking control of a giant dog in a trenchcoat and a naked homicidal rabbit who are traveling across the country looking for an escaped Sasquatch -- sounds great in and of itself, the real joy in this game could be found in its crazy puzzles and constant barrage of humorous attacks on Americana.
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Sam & Max Hit the Road Cheats

  • Familiar characters

    Upon finishing the game, you get to shoot out in the shooting booth. Some familiar shadows include the Tentacle from Day Of The Tentacle, Bugsy from Bugsy, and R2-D2 from Star Wars.

  • Control credits

    Click on the words or characters during the ending credits to have Sam or Max shoot them.