Aircraft PowerPack - PC

Aircraft PowerPack
Game Description:An expansion pack compilation for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, including Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 9 and Combat Flight Simulator 3. The pack includes FirePower for MS CFS 3 and Heavy Bombers and Jets for MS Flight Simulator. FirePower for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3, immerses the player in realistic air combat in over 50 missions. Featured planes include "Wings of POWER" P 51D "Mustang" (an exclusive bonus only in this package), the B17F and B17G "Flying Fortress", the Lancaster BIII and "Grand Slam", the B29A "Super Fortress", the Do217N-2 and Do217M1u2, the Me410A and Me410B, the Ta154A and Ta154B, the Ta152C and Ta152H P40N and P40F, the He162A "Salamander", the Ar234 "Blitz Bomber", the D520, the Ta183 "Huckebein", and the Me334 "Interceptor". Wings of Power: Heavy Bombers and Jets adds eight meticulously created aircraft, visuals, and missions to Microsoft's flight simulator. Featured planes include the B17F and B17G "Flying Fortress", the B29A "Super Fortress", the B24D and B24J "Liberator", the PB4Y-2 "Privateer", the Lancaster BIII and "Grand Slam", the Ar234 "Blitz Bomber", the Ta183 "Huckebein", and the He162 "Salamander".
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