The Bane of Yoto - PC

The Bane of Yoto
Game Description:On a once vivacious planet, the Numah people existed as the eminent race on Xian, surpassing all other civilizations. At the apex of their reign, ruinous circumstances were to be their fate. On the eve of a great celebration made into tradition to pay homage to their planet's moon, Erythros, the skies turned and swirled without warning as a comet's path fatally crashed into the world, killing half of the Numahian people. Born into a generation within the bitter grasp of deceit and corruption, a child, the future savior of his people, helplessly watched his parents’ execution by the contemptible leader of the race. Within the fire, which consumed their breaths, lived the reason for Yoto, the young Numah, to fulfill a destiny grounded in pain.
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