Restless - PC

Game Description:Kate Jones had everything, but she committed a terrible sin, and lost it all. Now, she sticks to the shadows, the darkness and the bottle her only friends. With days haunted by the guilty memories of what she has done, and nights plagued by disturbing images of an unknown woman in obvious pain, Kate is slowly being consumed by her own paranoia and shame. There is no way out, until one morning, after a particularly heavy night of drinking, she awakens to find a strange envelope on her bed. Inside is a newspaper clipping reporting the mysterious disappearance of a young woman, the same woman who stalks Kate's nightmares. A simple note tells her "If you want to help yourself, help her!" Join her as she steps out of the shadows and into a deep and dark mystery involving police corruption, the local Mafia, secret experiments, family crises, lost love, missed opportunities, revenge, a life's work, frightening supernatural disturbances, and a mysterious and elusive former CIA neurologist known only as Janus.
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