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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
Game Description:An investigation will lead the most famous detective of all time to the edge of the irrational as he thwarts the designs of a sect of the disciples of Cthulhu. Discover the adventures of Sherlock Holmes with a gripping atmosphere, for the first time ever delivered in a thoroughly intensive and wholly immersive real-time 3D world. Throughout your investigation you will meet more than sixty characters with whom you can interact freely. Hundreds of clues and objects will need to be scrutinised and utilised in order for the investigation to be solved. From the most logical deduction down to the smallest detail, the decor and textures offer the player a true feeling of living the role. Cities and places exude authenticity, creating environments you would expect to find at the end of the 19th Century. And yet, amidst the daily grind and bustling lives of society, there also exists terrifying places, and it is in these confines where you will have to control your fears, retain your focus, and ascertain the truth.
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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Cheats

  • Answer to question one!

    The answer is docks

  • The "moonlighter"

    When approaching the "moonlighter" by all the turnips in the warehouse district, be sure to have the bottle in your hand to receive the parcel stolen from the post man. the bottle should have been picked up from the drunken postman. the moonlighter will also give you information when you knock on the door with the pelican ornament.