Ghost Online - PC

Ghost Online
Game Description:A side-scrolling, action-packed 2D MMORPG. Ghost Online features fantastical, anime-styled 2D graphics and a unique RPG blend of martial arts battling in a Soul System that allows players to absorb the souls from the monsters that they have defeated. In the far and mythical alternate dimension, humans are finally due to be punished for the sinful acts of civilization, their spirits sent to the Abyss to pay for the guilt that they had done in their past life. However, even the Abyss did not have sufficient space to confine such amount of guilty spirits, and evil spirits still roam the human realm, threatening all beings in both realms. In order to restore the balance of nature, many adventurers had decided to join their power to send the evil spirits back to the Abyss. A great leader named Lord Tai and his 12 apprentices managed to seal the evil spirits in the Temple of Ghosts. However, Lord Tai had faced the corruption of his own spirit when the battle had finally ended, and the apprentices assigned to lead while he searched for the Grass of Millennium, the cure to stop the corruption, began to wage war with each other. The battle between the force of order and chaos is about to begin...
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