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Game Description:Journey to an island world eerily tinged with ancient mystery. Encounter beautiful breathtaking landscapes while losing yourself in fantastic virtual exploration. As you explore the realm you will learn that two sons have been trapped in Red and Blue books. You must decide which of the two brothers are lying and free the other. You travel to four islands to collect your evidence, solving puzzles along the way.
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  • Myst 3D Coming To 3DS In Late March

    Myst! It may not be the ORIGINAL PC adventure game (or anything even close to that), but it IS a wildly popular one from a time when CD-ROMs were still considered a new teechnology (CD-ROM being the computer disc-thing that existed before DVD). The game has been ported to numerous platforms since its 1993 release, and now Hoplite Research, the...

    Posted December 26, 2011

    Myst 3D Coming To 3DS In Late March
  • Myst Movie Planned

    Here's a pitch from left field: Hollywood is making a Myst movie. Specifically, Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions are teaming up with Adrian Vanderbosch and Isacc Testerman to create a movie based on the evocative adventure/puzzle game from the early 1990s. As the game didn't really have a plot per se, the movie will be based on some of...

    Posted October 1, 2010

    Myst Movie Planned
  • Myst Coming To PSP

    You older game cats out there probably remember Myst. The CD-Rom adventure/art game came out in 1993, and at the time represented the cutting-edge in gaming: It was lush, detailed, beautiful and mysterious -- really like nothing else that had come before it. According to Wikipedia (the source of all human knowledge), previously, remakes and...

    Posted July 14, 2009

    Myst Coming To PSP
  • Top 100 Video Games of All Time #47 - Myst

    Posted: June 13, 2012

    8,476 Views | 01:48

  • Preview: Myst for the DS

    Posted: February 11, 2008

    590 Views | 01:45

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