Fury League - PC

Fury League
Game Description:In Fury you are one of the Chosen, great warrior who once dominated the battlefields of the ancient world. Now, you have been called back – reincarnated and reborn into an age of strife and struggle, an age when your heroics are needed once more. The world sits on the brink of annihilation. Only the Chosen can take to the battlefield to fight and recover the Essence – a magical force that will save the land from destruction. Through combat, you will recover the lost memories of your former life and with them, ancient magic and powers long forgotten. As one of the Chosen, you must reveal your past to fight for the future. Fury takes the best elements of an MMO and an FPS for a fast-paced blend of dynamic online combat. The game play cycle lets you fight, earn rewards, and use those rewards to customize your character as much as you want.
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