Tundra 217 - PC

Tundra 217
Game Description:The year is 2427. Your name is Matthew, one of four survivors of a secret project executed by a man named Dr. Glüde. Previously, a spy had been sent in by the United Colonies Council after a leak stated that Glüde's project was still in effect, revealing the continuation of the project to the United Colonies. Revealing the project has disaterous effects on society, but when the project continues in secret, a terrible reality is discovered: the Reckoning, a war in the godly world decided in battle with the humans, is due soon to erupt across the colonies and species of alien races. The humans of the Outlying Factions wage a war against the humans of the United Colonies, so that they can destroy the non-feeling, non-caring demons. You and the other three survivors of the Tundra project, Stacy, Rebecca, and Christian, are marked as the most influential in the tide of the war, for although many other soldiers fight, the Tundra soldiers are the elite.
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