Valhalla Classics -- Episode 7: The Gallery - PC

Valhalla Classics -- Episode 7: The Gallery
Game Description:One of a series of digitally-distributed releases out of the Valhalla series, Vulcan Software's adventure/RPG franchise from the Amiga brought to the PC. This chapter is originally from Valhalla Before the War. Stories have been passed down through generations of courtiers concerning the mysterious entities that inhabit the Gallery. Walled off centuries before, no-one dared venture there until now. Inifnity is faced with the task of finding his way through the catacombs in order to find the secret entrance to the Royal Chambers, but the stories were true. The Gallery is infested with manifestations of every nature and description. Infinity must negotiate his way past ghostly apparitions, mummies, zombies and vampires in order to find the most evil entity of them all, the one named Mestophily's who will claim his soul in return for the gift of evil, the last requirement for one who dares to murder his brother.
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