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DarkStar One
Game Description:Darkstar One is a space-based action adventure title that delivers fast-paced action within a vast and authentic universe. As Kayron Jarvis, the youthful commander of the Darkstar One, players explore the immenseness of space, encountering a variety of aliens, both friend and foe as Kayron aims to bring peace back to the galaxy. Game play adapts dynamically to the player's preferences and allow both tactical and strategic decision-making to overcome the myriad of challenges presented.
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DarkStar One Cheats

  • Fighting Pirates

    When fighting Pirates I find the best way to fight them is by making a a run for the nearest mining Asteroid or trade station and shooting them from the relative safety of the entrance of the Asteroid and/or the protection from the trade stations outer super structure. also when eliminating the pirate hide out when your with Captain Hornblower...