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Over the Hedge
Game Description:From the 2006 DreamWorks Animation film Over The Hedge comes this new action/adventure from Activision. Gamers assume the role of characters including RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle, Hammy the squirrel and Stella the skunk, and explore a suburban neighborhood filled with traps and other various obstacles. In addition, the title boasts dozens of puzzles and mini-games and a two-player cooperative mode.
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Over the Hedge Cheats

  • Range Driver 1 mini-game

    10 objectives

  • Race Track 1 mini-game

    25 objectives

  • Bumper Carts 2 mini-game

    45 objectives

  • Ground Pound attack

    50 objectives

  • Race Track 2 mini-game

    60 objectives

  • Range Driver 2 mini-game

    40 objectives

  • Bumper Carts 1 mini-game

    15 objectives

  • Finishing Moves attack

    20 objectives

  • DreamWorks game references 1

    After completing "Projector Heist", go by the tree stump in the woods. The two possums will be watching Shrek Super Slam on the film projector.

  • Caught In The Hedge: Easy full health objective

    On level 4, "Caught In The Hedge", there is a beat the level with full health objective. To accomplish this, switch to the CPU at the very end of the level. They will have taken no damage and have full health.

  • DreamWorks game references 2

    The projector and laptop show different DreamWorks video game screens. The laptop always shows Shrek Super Slam. The projector is different, however. From when you first get the projector until about half way through, Shrek Super Slam is on the screen. From about halfway through the game until just before you play the final level, it plays Shark...