Alien Arena 2006 - PC

Alien Arena 2006
Game Description:What would happen if you took Quake 3 Arena, UT, a few Martians, some weird robots and gadgets, threw them in a blender and pressed the button? You'd have Alien Arena 2006, that's what! AA2K6 is one in a series of standalone games based on a classic Sci-Fi theme with a modern, updated visual experience. The game boasts 25 levels, five modes of play, mutators, built-in bots, 9 characters, and 8 weapons(3 with alt-fire modes). Using the CRX engine, which is based on the Id GPL source code, AA2K6 now includes modern effects such as light blooms, multitexture combine, reflective water, textured particles, stainmaps, 32 bit color, vertex lighting on models, shaders, fog, and much more. Built into the game is a easy to use server browser which allows the user to query information about each server, while the tight CRX netcode promises nearly seamless online combat.
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