EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky - PC

EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky
Game Description:High above the mightiest peaks of Norrath a secret world exists. This Overrealm, made up of enormous islands of land suspended in the air, is home to aviaks and creatures never-before seen, but it is the splintered and warring dragons who rule it. Driven by lust for power, religious zealotry, and consuming rage, the most ancient of the world's creatures now find common cause in a plot to destroy Norrath! In this EverQuest II expansion, an entirely new form of advancement introduces enhancements and abilities that allow you to specialize and individualize your character in exciting ways, while level ranges for adventurers, artisans, and guilds are all increased. Player-versus-player gaming expands with four deadly new Arena Champions and two new Arena zones. Ten new adventure areas, from lush jungles to temples of Olympian splendor, 25 new enemies and troves full of new treasures all open up fresh game play and visual experiences.
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