Super Secret<sup>TM</sup> Warren Spector Game Project - PC

Super Secret<sup>TM</sup> Warren Spector Game Project
Game Description:One of possibly a number of projects by Warren Spector's upstart Junction Point Studios, this cartoon-themed title is being personally shepherded by Mr. Spector. It is expected to be released for PC, but actual system plans have not yet been announced. As described by a desription on Junction Point's jobs page, the game will be different from others on the market. "For this project, we are NOT looking for people who do space marines or urban gang-bangers&#8230; we&#8217;re not looking for concept artists who specialize in elven archers or guys in black trenchcoats who wear sunglasses at night while wielding twin Uzis. And we&#8217;re not looking for people who can sketch believable inner city locations, World War II battleground scenes or incredible fantasy and SF landscapes. We&#8217;re looking for artists who can conceive, sketch (and maybe even model and animate) cartoon mice, cats and wabbits. We need help creating and fleshing out surreal Wagnerian opera sets and places like Balloonyland or Wackyland. (If you have to ask about Balloonyland and Wackyland you might not be right for this job...)"
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