Gnat The Barbarian - PC

Gnat The Barbarian
Game Description:Chaos has taken control over the beautiful Green Island. Once peaceful and quiet land is now under invasion of dreadful and depraved Antssasins. What is more, the Book of Spellz, a very powerful artifact that was once found, has disappeared again... Two tribes living on the isle - the Snaileros and the Turtlians, are desperately looking for a hero to rescue the Green Island from destruction... Two warriors answer the desperate cry for help. Unbelievably strong and muscled mosquito -- Gnat the Barbarian -- sets out to face a new adventure, find the Book of Spellz and wipe the Antssasins out of the island. Lighting-bolt fast and clever Ronin Pig-ling joins the band to rescue the Green Island from devastation. Will they manage to take care of all the mess and bring peace to the Green Island? It all depends on you...
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