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Game Description:Experience the brutality, lawlessness, greed, and lust, that was the West. When life robs Colton White of all that matters, the only thing left he can trust is his GUN. From award-winning developer, Neversoft, and accomplished screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (The Mask of Zorro, The Doors), GUN follows Colton on his quest for discovery as he seeks to exact vengeful justice on those who have wronged him. GUN is a realistic epic action/adventure that lets gamers experience the brutality of the lawless West.
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Gun Cheats

  • Dual Peacemakers

    Defeat Reed.

  • Reed's armored horse and Magruder's Cannon Nock gun.

    Finish story mode and all side missions (100% completion)

  • Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun.

    Finish story mode.

  • 69 Ferguson Rifle

    Defeat Hollister.

  • Cavalry Sword

    Defeat Reed.

  • Apache Shirt

    Finish the Hunting missions.

  • Silver Spurs

    Finish the Pony Express missions.

  • Defeat magruder

    Use dynamite or explosive bow and arrow

  • Desecrate Hoodoo's corpse

    After you defeat Hoodoo, there will be a intermission sequence showing him dead standing up in a coffin. After the sequence, he will still be in West Empire standing in the grave. You can take out your double-barrel shotgun and shoot him a few times

  • Defeat Hollister

    You must use a hit and run tactic to beat Hollister.  If you fire face to face, he will win

  • Easy poker game wins

    When you are playing Texas Hold 'em inside the Alhambra, you can easily win with or without a good hand. Raise the bid to the maximum. This should make at least one to three players fold. You can then cheat to make your hand better

  • Faster riding

    Hold Dash while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the speed.

  • Unlimited ammunition

    Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Find the abandoned house in the Badlands where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the outside. Face the chimney (looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the left side of the chimney. Blow up th