PureSim Baseball 2005 -- Gold Edition - PC

PureSim Baseball 2005 -- Gold Edition
Game Description:There is something in PureSim for every type of Baseball fan, from the casual Baseball simulation player, to the hardcore stats and sabermetrics types. Maybe you want to just control the team as the GM, making deals and roster moves, or maybe you want to manage your team's games, calling for bunts, hit and runs, pitching around hitters, its all here. For the real baseball nuts PureSim tracks the result of every pitch with reports such as runs created 27 (RC/27), Relative Batting Avg, Pitching Runs, Park Factors, Defense Independent Percentage and more... PureSim Baseball 2005 was originally released online by Shaun Sullivan, and was re-released by Matrix games in the summer of 2005 with an updated version in full retail box packaging.
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