Panzer Campaigns: France '40 - PC

Panzer Campaigns: France '40
Game Description:France '40 contains twenty-five scenarios and campaigns focusing primarily on the period from 10- 24 May. This was the critical time while the panzers cut like a scythe through the Ardennes, and when the Luftwaffe was unleashed against the British and French troops trapped in the pocket at Dunkirk. For players who want to see what would happen had Hitler not halted the panzers before Dunkirk, there is an extended campaign portraying the apocalyptic battle on the English Channel. How long could the remnants of the Allied armies have held Dunkirk if the German had not let up the pressure? By default, units are of battalion size. However, players may break them down into companies for more realistic play. France '40 comes with an extensive historical order-of-battle that includes German, French, British, Belgian and Dutch units. It is played on a massive map covering over 78,000 hexes that encompasses northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg and southern Holland.
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