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Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy
Game Description:The shattering of the Gem of Immortality was the genesis of Ultima Online. The shards created were perfect images of Sosaria. But with the essence of immortality seeping from the fragmented shards, the fabric of the universe began to unravel. While mysterious guardian spirits are credited with the salvation of Sosaria, in actuality, the primal cooperative magic of the elves mended the world anew. Such an immense enterprise, weakened the fey folk significantly and they withdrew from the world and its affairs to restore themselves. Their time has finally arrived... The seventh chapter of Ultima Online expands the MMO with the new Elf character race (with new craftables, collectibles, and combat abilities), as well as added enemies, new areas and dungeons, a new Spellweaving skill, a new Quest system and more.
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X Play Weeknights @ 8pm
With Blair Herter & Morgan Webb