Dragon's Gate - PC

Dragon's Gate
Game Description:Your torch flickers desperately a final time before it burns out, leaving you suddenly very cold and very alone in the vast darkness. A strange overwhelming stench of death and decay is all around you, and within the shadows you feel the eyes of something watching. Insidious laughter fills the air, a horrible mocking laughter that sends shivers up your spine and leaves your legs frozen in abject terror. The air pressure in the room drops alarmingly as the massive creature in the shadows begins to fill its lungs. Your brain cries out for you to run but your legs refuse to respond. Suddenly a brilliant light flares before you, revealing the form of a massive Dragon practically filling the space; it is the last you see before the flames roaring from the creatures mouth engulf you, and then there is only darkness... Dragon's Gate is a massive text based world of adventure role-playing, featuring 20 different race choices, 14 classes, and a constantly evolving online RPG experience.
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