Darkness Falls: The Crusade - PC

Darkness Falls: The Crusade
Game Description:A new light is now dawning on the continent of Karimere, the last refuge of the crusaders against darkness. There, the forces of good have risen from their places of hiding and have engaged the forces of evil in a battle for supremacy. A third faction, the denizens of the far western area of Darikor are attempting to take advantage of the confusion and stake their own claim to world domination. Followers of chaos, they too have joined the battle seeking to exploit the unending hatred between good and evil in their own attempt at world domination. In Darkness Falls: The Crusade, the player becomes part of the epic conflict by choosing to be a follower of chaos, evil or good. Through cooperation, players work with each other to stave off the forces of the opposing factions. Through competition the players seek to gain control of the powerful Idols that are the key to power in this world. Through conversation players form new friendships and hatreds, create groups and guilds and become part of the ever-changing world of Olmran.
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