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Worms 4: Mayhem
Game Description:After the tactical RTS play of Worms Forts Under Siege, Worms 4: Mayhem is a return to the series' trademark gameplay and sees Team 17's core Worms design and development team regrouping for a 3D game of explosive annelid annihilation. With players controlling the worms in single player or 4-player team games, everyone's armed with a massive variety of wild weapons, as ingenious as they are incendiary. The worms' armoury of brilliantly conceived classic weapons return and is built on with even more devilish devices, including the Poison Arrow, Sentry Gun, Tail Nail and the Bovine Blitz, which unleashes a bombing raid of cows. Customize your worm's character in an all new Worms creator feature and unleash annelid annihilation across 25 single-player missions and 20 multiplayer maps.
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  • Worms Ultimate Mayhem Is A Little Bit Old, A Little Bit New

    You have to appreciate the charming simplicity of the gameplay in Worms: two warring factions of the slithery little beasties take turns launching a startling array of firepower across a map, until one group or the other has been wiped out. It's the reason the games continue to be so popular and also why fans are sure to be excited about Team...

    Posted July 29, 2011

    Worms Ultimate Mayhem Is A Little Bit Old, A Little Bit New
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