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Second Sight
Game Description:Second Sight casts players in the role of John Vattic, an amnesiac who's nonetheless endowed with awesome mental abilities. How he's acquired those abilities and what Vattic has to do with a brutal military mission in Siberia is the onus of the story that drives Second Sight. Developed by Free Radical, whose previous work on TimeSplitters and previously the N64 hit GoldenEye before departing from Rare, this action/adventure game translates the team's FPS talents to a third-person game with intense shooting action the ability to harness paranormal psychic abilities.
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Second Sight Cheats

  • Bounce basketball in Madness level

    In the beginning of the level is a shed. In the shed is a basketball that you can bounce with your "powers".

  • Credits

    Change the channel on the television in Starke's apartment to view the developers' names.

  • Easy kills in Isolation level

    At the very beginning of the game when the Feds are trying to gun you down with their automatics, kneel down behind the desk to the left side of the room. Psi Blast the feds. After they are shot, you can then collect their weapons for your own use.

  • Online chatroom

    On level 3, Experimentation, on the PC where you killed the security guard outside the elevator, open the "Front Desk" applications folder on the desktop. Then, select HyperChat. You will then be able to see what the Guard has been up to, as well as that the person who the guard was talking to continues talking and gets more worried as he does...

  • X-Space '92 mini-game

    On level 6, Madness, use a computer disk found in the level on a PC to play the X-Space '92 mini game. Once this has been done, the game will be able to be accessed on the "Applications" sub-menu when you pause the game.

  • Freed by psycho in Madness level

    Just before you get to Jayne Wilde, you will move through a grid with a series of cells. You can open these cells to cause a bit of havoc. However, if you stand in an empty cell and project yourself out the door and to the switch outside, you can lock yourself in. Snap back to your body and Vettic will make a comment like "Well that was clever."...

  • Free Radical reference

    On level 13, Conspiracy, watch the video file you made and check the email on the PC. A new comedy file will download and tell you about Free Radicals official website, www.frd.co.uk. Keep logging on for more messages.

  • Crying agents

    Take out the tranquilizer and shoot someone in the crotch. They will fall over and start crying.

  • Projection

    On the Conspiracy and the Madness levels, you can use the projection to open doors and flick switches. You can also possess the guards. If you get close enough to a guard when you have activated the projection, he will flash blue. Press [Action] and you can go off and kill all the guards for as long as your have psyche energy remaining. You can...

  • Earth Impact mini-game

    On level 8, Reliance, go into the games room to find a fully-operational Earth Impact mini game. Once this has been done, the game will be able to be accessed on the Applications sub-menu when you pause the game.