First Flight: The Wright Experience Flight Simulator - PC

First Flight: The Wright Experience Flight Simulator
Game Description:Billed as the first historically and aerodynamically accurate flight simulation offered to the public. Using wind tunnel data taken with detailed full-scale reproductions of the actual aircraft, and complete time integrated six degree of freedom equations of motion, the game uses modeling technology developed for use in current military flight simulators. What this means is that the 1902 Glider exhibits the same sensitive yet forgiving flight behavior that allowed the Wrights to train successfully with over 900 gliding flights; that the 1903 Flyer is marginally powered and quite unstable making it one of the most difficult airplanes to fly; and that by 1911 a more refined Model B is an easier to fly airplane, allowing some period students to solo after 2 hours of flight instruction. So, try your hand at the same simulations the Wright Experience test pilots use to train for flying the real thing.
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