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Shark Tale
Game Description:Players experience the fun and adventure of DreamWorks’ Shark Tale by assuming the role of Oscar, a fast-talking little fish working his way up the food chain, who becomes an unlikely hero as he searches for an easy path to fame and fortune. Players undertake more than 25 adventure-packed missions set in their favorite film locations and new environments exclusive to the game. With a blend of original and film-inspired gameplay, players immerse themselves in underwater urban culture featuring the gritty environments of Reef City and tunes inspired by the film. Also available for the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Windows PC.
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Shark Tale Cheats

  • The Pink Purl

    A pink purl gives you 100$. You usually find it in a secret place. Here are some places where they are: in a box throw the starfish (or whatever) and the box will open first you have to find it it is a door somewhere find it get in the room and its there, another one where the green thing is near the shark (the first island) and there is a hatch...

  • Chapter 9: Avoid being caught

    To avoid being caught by police fish, go into houses until the cops pass.

  • Chapter 9: Staying hidden

    When you must sneak around the fish with lights on their heads or the ones with torches, there are some tables with cloths on them that you can go under without being detected.