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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Cheats

  • Hockey stick

    After getting a sword that can break walls, return to the Central Hall during the Throne And The Mask level. Turn the lever to cover the ground level gap. Follow the same path used to get the Life Upgrade in this area. However, instead of entering the door, turn right and break the part of the wall with sand coming down with your sword to find a...

  • Instant kill

    After vaulting over an enemy by running up to them and pressing Space, press C three times for an instant kill.

  • Illustration Gallery

    Finish the game and you will unlock the Illustration Gallery.

  • Life Upgrade locations

    1. The past version of the area where you first fight the Crow King. There's a switch on the side at the bottom of the stairs. Normally you'd need to slow down time to be able to get through the timed grate. But so early into the game I don't have that ability yet. So you quickly jump on the side of the stairs and pull yourself up. And roll like...

  • Sand Powers

    The Sand Powers are back in Prince of Persia Warrior Withinâ„¢. Indeed, the player is still able to use the Time Powers, but it would be preferable to use them in a whole lot more strategic way: in combats. Several powerful attacks can be triggered if you have enough Sands of Time available. For instance, you will be able to slowdown the Time of...

  • Teddy bear

    One of the miscellaneous secondary weapons is the teddy bear. Locate it after earning the Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy in the clock tower when you initially go through it. The first is before you start negotiating the vertical climbing of the tower (past); the second is atop the...

  • Glowing sword

    Go to the Mystic Caves with a sword that can break walls. Pass the first gate that unlocked to find a passage divided by a pit with a switch on the floor. Jump into the pit and get through the breakable section of wall at one end. Break the weapon rack that is behind it to get the glowing sword. This secondary weapon does a large amount of...

  • How to beat the first Boss

    Block and do the attack were you jump behind her, and attack her twice. Remember to block immediately after this or she will hit you down.

  • Alternate ending

    Complete the game with all nine Life Upgrades

  • Triple Zombie Kill

    When you are on the ground press Right and hold Right Click to defend yourself, then press "E" three times to kill some zombies around you.

  • The Final Life Upgrade Location

    After you get the Lion Sword go to the activation bridge where the Serpet Sword served as a key, turn the lever to the activaion hole, and climb what appears. If you know POP Warrior Within well, then it's for you! Remember when the prince said, " I'd best find that woman, She's probably gone for reinforcements"? ( he was talking about Shadee )...