ThinkTanks - PC

Game Description:ThinkTanks is a retro-style tank combat game that maximizes classic gameplay mechanics in a 3D world. An alien race has stolen human brains and put them in control of war-fighting tanks on their homeworld. The player has managed to escape the alien mind control and now must battle against sinister robots in order to free other humans. Driving fans tend to enjoy the light tanks, which are speedy but have weak armor. Methodical and crafty players gravitate toward heavy tanks, which are extremely reinforced and make excellent sniping tools. Medium tanks are versatile and offer the best of both worlds as they easily accommodate different map styles. Players start out with weapons contingent on vehicle type and quickly graduate with the help of various powerups. Two gameplay modes, each with individual and team play, offer countless strategies and can further be enhanced by bots with intelligent AI.
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