Civil War: War Between the States - PC

Civil War: War Between the States
Game Description:Civil War: War Between the States is an exciting new RTS styled war game that brings to life the struggles, the misfortunes and the commitment that unveil them selves in war. With the option to play one of 4 different ways ranging from reenacting some the most historic battles of any time to taking control of the war at its very beginning you are sure to be captivated and amazed by the limitless possibilities that will bring you the closest to a time that tore the country of the United States apart. A time where families were shattered and brother fought against brother for so dividing a cause, that there was no middle ground. War Between the States is brought to life in an astounding 3D environment true to scale of the United States. Covered with luscious forests and roughed mountainous terrains you'll have no time to waste implementing your plans, setting your defenses, marching your troops into position and preparing yourself for the battle of a lifetime. With over 70 unique units whose abilities and skills are determined by the experiences they undergo, throughout the course of the war, every skirmish, every battle or all out engagement will have an effect on how your men will react, how well they will fight and overall, if they will have the courage to face the enemy shoulder to shoulder, with bayonets armed and march forward into uncertain victory.
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