K-Hawk: Silent Escape - PC

K-Hawk: Silent Escape
Game Description:In this action/adventure, players find themselves in the combat boots of Kitty Hawk, a Navy S.E.A.L. and helicopter pilot who has been shot down over an island in the Pacific. During this vicious attack, her boyfriend, Major Jeffrey, was killed. From that moment on, it is Kitty against the world. Armed only with a pistol, she sets off to find the culprit of her boyfriend?s demise. Kitty soon realizes that she is not alone on this seemingly deserted island, and starts to notice that eerie things are happening. Desperate for help, she makes contact with headquarters, but as long as enemy air defense is in place over the island, they can not send reinforcements. Kitty knows that the key to getting off this island is to destroy the enemy air defense. During the course of her mission, Kitty crosses paths with an unscrupulous colonel, who, she finds out, is responsible for the downing of her helicopter and the death of her boyfriend. Together with his scientists, the Colonel is up to even more evil than meets the eye. His master plan is to create a so-called ?super soldier? using genetic research and molecular biology. There is only one thing to do?stop this horrific plan?
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