Dinoz - PC

Game Description:Dinoz is a sport/action game pitting two teams of four Dinoz against each other. The Dinoz are cute little creatures living in interactive zones strewn with obstacles, carnivorous plants and winding paths. The game consists in catching and carrying an egg to the opponent's goal. Hitting is allowed - you can even hit the Dinoz that are not carrying the egg. The game requires not only dexterity and quick thinking, but also careful consideration. Players basically have to learn how to manage the match through the score, the abilities of their own Dinoz and those of other Dinoz (each Dinoz has its own abilities and special attacks) and the strategy of the enemy coach. When players win, they obtain new Dinoz to put in their Dinoz Park, a mini-ecosystem where the Dinoz live and train between matches. This is where players can determine the specialisation of their Dinoz (aggressive, fast or defensive), depending on what they want. The variety of available Dinoz, the diversity of the opponents, the progressive difficulty of the friendly matches, championships and tournaments, all contribute to the game's richness and long-lasting success.
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