Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - PC

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space
Game Description:Digital Eel is an independent development group, a collaboration between professional designers Richard "Zdim" Carlson and Iikka "Fingers" Keranen. They make "quick 'n dirty" games meant for when you only have a few minutes for your gaming fix. Stange Adventures in Infinite Space is a quick 'n dirty space adventure, inspired by classic titles like Starflight and 4X space strategy titles like Master of Orion. You are a space explorer seeking your fortune. You must explore star systems, colleting valuable artifacts, lifeforms, and alien devices. You'll come into contact with alien races, which will sometimes lead to battle. To survive, you can hire mercenaries and upgrade your ship with better armaments. Eventually you return to your home planet to sell your cargo and earn a reward. Adventures can last one minute or an hour, depending on how you play them. Each adventure is different thanks to randomly-generated maps.
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