Cratered - PC

Game Description:Cratered is a mutliplayer action game where two hostile tribes battle against each other as restore very few resources left on a futuristic ocean planet. A battle of wicked proportions has violently prevailed across galaxies. The origin of the conflict has been forgotten as the Columbiad army has been gaining ground against the Carpacian League. The Columbiad forces withdrew from orbit, thinking the planet's inhabitants were destroyed. Little did they know that a continent-sized crater on the planet?s surface had a single remaining Carpacian battalion that survived. It was now faced with the rapid erosion of the fragile atmosphere. The Columbiad garrisons deployed to recover their dispersed power sources in order to break free from the dying world.The remnants of the Carpacian League scour the crater, desperate to rebuild their fragmented world. The epic battle has begun anew ? both sides find themselves?cratered.
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