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Mimesis Online
Game Description:Mimesis Online is a 3D MMORPG set on the Earth in the far future, after a cataclysm of cosmic proportions changed and twisted the face of reality throughout the entire Universe. Earth is no longer ruled by humanity alone, and the races which now share the surface of the planet are not always capable of finding peaceful solutions to their conflicts. Mimesis Online offers everything an experienced RPG player or a novice could want from a game: an extensive 3D game environment, broad possiblities for creating, individualizing and developing their character, a well-developed fighting system, an advanced NPC AI module, and an exceptional variety of quests and of equipment, starting with weapons and clothes, and finishing with jewellery and implants. Mimesis Online gameplay is not divided into parallel game sessions on different servers. There is only one global game session, and the players are not limited to playing their character on only one server - they can move from land to land.
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