Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage - PC

Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage
Game Description:Battlemage is a game with two parts: a strategic, turn-based conflict and a real-time duel between two spell-casting wizards. The first part takes place in a top-down view of Corondor. From here you see the various provinces, their current alliances (made among the wizards), and their magical bias. In any turn you can attack a province adjacent to one of yours. But you don't just stomp in, magical fingers blazing away. Instead, you can win by stealth, or persuasion, or outright bribery. Each province presents a text-based confrontation with some person (or object) of power. Typically you're allowed to make one of three replies in any situation, which in turn leads to further text that requires still more judgment on your part. In the end you may win or lose spells or gold, or even get a province for free.
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