Archmage: Stabat Mater - PC

Archmage: Stabat Mater
Game Description:Archmage: Stabat Mater is single-player and up to thirty-two-person multiplayer RPG based on the Web strategy game Archmage. In this world, Mater, the Mother of the Earth, entrusted the five forms of magic to different orders of mages. These mages are now feuding and are caught up in this battle for one of the orders, for instance, as Ben, a former elite military officer that is working as a mercenary to support his addiction to Lotus. Character development occurs through a skilled-based system, with skills like Disarm, Merchant Literacy and Sword Skill. In combat is action-oriented; you can attack specific body parts and some limbs can be severed. Stabat Mater uses a proprietary 3D engine that creates random dungeons, and DTW voice recognition technology.
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